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Bridget S. Williams is a Lighting Designer and Stage Manager based in Chicago Illinois. For the past year she has worked for Lyric Opera of Chicago as an Assistant Lighting Designer while also working on independent projects. Bridget earned her M.F.A. in Lighting Design from Indiana University before accepting a teaching position at Interlochen Center for the Arts as the Instructor of Design and Production. During her tenure at Interlochen, she taught all aspects of Design and Production to students in grades 9-12 while also lighting designing for Interlochen's professional production department. In addition, Bridget has worked as a Lighting Designer and Lighting Coordinator for Cardinal Stage Company in Bloomington, Indiana. Bridget has also worked in several capacities for Contemporary American Theater Festival, Indiana Repertory Theatre, Indiana Festival Theatre, Indiana University Opera and Ballet Theater, Valiant Theatre, The Jewish Theatre of Bloomington, Thunder Bay Theatre, Children’s Theatre of Madison, Miller Auditorium, and the Kalamazoo State Theatre.

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